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Support Your Local Animal Shelters


Many local shelters are in desperate need of money, volunteers and supplies. We encourage you to get involved, get your family, friends and neighbors involved to help out. Even if you support the large national organizations, rarely do local shelters get money from them or have a large benefactor to support them, so they really need your help.

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Pool Safety alert for summer

The federal government thru the CPSC has launched a national campaign on pool safety. They have created for tips and helpful information about keeping kids and families safe. What's missing is information about pets. We encourage everyone to visit the ASPCA and US Humane Society for summer safety for your pets. Very important are the hot weather tips, beach safety and vacation planning. Please take a moment to plan for your pets and pass information on to family and friends who may also need a gentle reminder. Of course providing this information to local animal shelters and news media will also help people get prepared. And let us all not forget that hurricane season is about to start for the coastal states. Please prepare accordingly. Have a plan in place. Finally we have create a links for some of the top products on

















 Be alert! New recalls of dog food in select areas!